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About us Shenzhen Teng smart science and technology limited company is a professional research and development, production, sales of microwave modules and special body microwave detector for microwave applications, industrial-grade ATM, ATM-specific probes, civil lighting sensors, SensorDIM ㊣, microwave, automatic dimming system series, such as high-tech research and manufacturing of products for...

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Company: Shenzhen Tris Intelligent&Technology Co.,Ltd.

Contact: Jason

Tel: 0755-82664119 --82664110--61563066 全国服务热线:400-600-1072

Phone: 13554996690

E-mail: info@sztris.com

Address: 1-3/F,Building1,Haomai Hi-Tech Park,Huafeng RD,Dalang,Longhua Town,Baoan Shenzhen

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